The Peter Hans Hofschneider Investigation Award for Scientific and Medical Journalism is awarded by Stiftung Experimentelle Biomedizin. The object of the award is the promotion of special investigation achievements and projects in scientific and medical journalism.

Laureate 2023 / 2024

Christian Schwägerl

Laureate 2022 / 2023 - Special award for eligible regional reporting

Thorsten Vaas

Article,«Rikscha zum Krankenbett»

Laureate 2018 / 2019

Dr. med. Astrid Viciano

Article, «Der Wert des Lebens» Article, «Günstig und selbstgemacht»
Photo by Tinka Dietz

Laureate 2017 / 2018

Kerstin Hoppenhaus

Online, «Unnützes Unkraut?»

Laureate 2016 / 2017

Michael Brendler

Article, «Ausgebremst»

Laureate 2015 / 2016

Edda Grabar

Article, «Unter Kontrolle» Article, «Hüftschaden»

Laureate 2013 / 2014

Meike Hemschemeier

Trailer «Vorsicht Operation»

Laureate 2010 / 2011

Martina Keller

Article, «Carine, 43, lässt sich töten»

Laureate 2009 / 2010

Dr. Patrick Hünerfeld

Movie script of «Doping und die Freiburger Sportmedizin»

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The award is granted for journalistic work and planned investigation projects in the fields of science and research that are convincing on account of both a clear presentation of scientific facts and the investigation of political, scientific or societal backgrounds. Journalistic articles that shed light on the structure and function of self-monitoring and quality assurance in science in a constructive manner are expressly welcome.

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